The following courses are offered by the Institute. The aim of these courses is to provide the student a firm foundation covering all key areas of current and applied technologies in the field and enabling them to get a high level career entry in the field & also make one confident about himself in the professional and motivate one to be self employed.

  1. BSS Diploma in Medical Laboratory Technician (DMLT): Duration- 2 Years
  2. BSS Diploma in X-Ray Technician (X-Ray) : Duration- 2 Years
  3. BSS Diploma in First Aid & Practical Nursing : Duration- 2 Years
  4. BSS Diploma in Pharmacy Assistant : Duration- 2 Years
  5. BSS Diploma in Physiotherapy & Occupational Therapy : Duration- 2 Years
  6. BSS Certificate in ECG Technician : Duration- 1 year
  7. BSS Certificate in Dental Lab. Technician : Duration- 1 year
  8. BSS Diploma in Optometry : Duration- 2 Years